About Jess

_Jessica Garrett 1897 6x9I have a uniquely young and happy sounding voice that can convey rich emotions.

People are often surprised when I open my mouth, asking me, “Is that your real voice? It’s so unique…” Many then beg me to read bedtime stories. Kids curiously inquire, “Why do you talk that way?” And when I call the doctor’s office, the staff invariably request that I hand the phone to my mommy. I love using that uniqueness as a voice over artist. My vocal cords were born for it.

I am so happy behind a microphone! In the recording studio I am known for being exceptionally easy to work with and responsive to direction. I can handle many genres, but especially enjoy work for children. Click here to listen to my demo.

I have a wide range of professional experiences and personal interests from theater and voice acting, to medicine and sustainability, to writing and teaching about a variety of science topics. The thread that ties all my experiences together is a joy and curiosity about our beautiful world and how it works. (My science background includes: medicine, chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, engineering, and environmental studies. I went to medical school for several years and was a teacher of science, math and engineering for 16 years in public schools and at MIT.) These days I’m loving voice over work, climate change activism, and doing a book tour for my book of icky, slimy science experiments for kids!