Voice Over

logophoto of Jessica at a microphone
My voice makes people happy. It has been described as youthful, cheerful, effervescent, sweet, sincere, attention-catching, and fresh. 

I’d love to light up your next project!

Here are a few of my WGBH promos:

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I recently got to perform on Portland Helmich’s excellent podcast, Stranglers, produced by Earwolf and Northern Light Productions. I’m on episode 5 at 36:36, but I highly recommend the whole series. But don’t just take my word for it…

…brilliant podcast, expert research…fulfill all your true-crime needs.”  GQ: The 7 Best New Podcasts of 2016
“It says something that amid proliferating true-crime shows, Stranglers is one of the most compelling of the year.”  The Atlantic: The 50 Best Podcasts of 2016


“Jessica’s attention to detail and direction is palpable. She captivates listeners with her dynamic range of characters and expression, making her ideal for everything from the twenty second spot to the two hour book on tape. She cares about the end product, which is rare in voice over talent.”
– Ned Porter, WGBH producer
“It was such a pleasure to work with Jessica to produce our nature center’s audio tour. Jessica helped write the script and tested it with our target audience before recording it in her delightful voice. We were very happy with the production process, and we are thrilled with our audio tour!” – Lucy Gertz, Statewide Education Projects Manager for Massachusetts Audubon Society
“The Sunshine Voice couldn’t be a better description for Jess Garrett! Her work at our studio is infused with boundless energy whether she is reading a children’s book or a magazine article in one of the periodicals we produce. And more than that, she is just a fantastic person who we look forward to seeing each time she comes in.” – Nancy Gahagan, Recording Studio Manager, Perkins Library
“Voicing primarily kids’ spots for me, Jess is easy to direct and has a great, positive attitude toward it all. I wholeheartedly recommend recording with Jess. Not only will you receive high-quality results, but you will also leave with a smile on your face.” – Natalia Evdokimova, WGBH producer
“The ease of working with Jess is only outdone by her performance in the booth. She’s prepared, has great enunciation and most importantly, is a pleasure to listen to.” – Jonathan Hurley – Perkins Library Recording Studio engineer
“Jess is multi-talented, with a voice that has may dimensions from child to sultry, all within her natural octave range. I would listen to her talk all day.” – Richard Congelosi, SAG-AFTRA actor and voice artist